Special Operations Division

The Frontier Security Services team offers specialized security and logistics services to meet today’s challenges. Staffed with former senior members of leadership from the U.S Secret Service, FBI, Homeland security, numerous military organizations, state and local law enforcement, and emergency management agencies, our Special Ops Division connects you to hundreds of security professionals across the country—ready at a moment’s notice to deploy to any assignment, no matter the size.

Backed by decades of professional expertise, training, education, and real-world experience, our Special Ops team will work with you and our vast network to get the job done. Through specialized event security and logistics, parking and transportation logistics executive protection and numerous other areas of expertise, Frontier Security Services offers solutions for your security and logistics project. We’ll provide whatever your project needs to be successful, including innovative plans, trained personnel, and seamless implementation.

With our Special Ops Division, we’ll pivot immediately to respond to the needs of our clients.

Recent Security Work

Sports Venue
Frontier Security has supported both large- and small-scale events across the country including numerous assignments at the TD Garden, Boston’s premier sports and entertainment venue, where our team has supported event security, the alcohol compliance division and Covid enforcement operations for over 100 events since 2021.

Road Race
The Frontier Security team has worked numerous road races around New England to include security and transportation logistics at the Falmouth Road race, the Girls on the Run 5K, the Boston Children’s Hospital walk, and the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk.

College Support
The Frontier Security team coordinated parking and traffic logistics for over  10,000 attendees at the 2022 Merrimack College graduation and is currently providing support to Merrimack College Football games

Political Event
Frontier Security assisted security operations at the Inaugural gala of Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker and Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito at the Boston Museum of Science. Tasked with screening guests and providing overall situational security awareness for the event, the Frontier Security Strategies team ensured a safe and secure environment for more than 2,000 VIP guests, staff, and others in attendance.

Executive Protection
Frontier Security provided security services to the Annual Alfalfa Dinner after party at Café Milano in Washington, DC. Attendees included members of the President’s Cabinet, Congress, and the Diplomatic Corps along with many high net worth individuals. The Frontier Security team worked with local law enforcement, numerous executive protection details, and the event staff to ensure a safe, secure, and enjoyable evening for everyone in attendance. The Frontier Security team has been assigned to numerous high-profile individuals and others where a need for specialized security has been needed

24/7 Residence Security
Frontier Security has provided 24/7 security services at a high value residence in the Boston area, to include assisting with setting up an initial security system around the perimeter of the residence.

COVID Operations
Frontier Security was hired to run operations at a regional COVID-19 recovery site in Revere, Massachusetts that housed recovering COVID-19 patients in a converted 150-bed hotel. The Frontier Security team of Project Supervisor, Incident Manager, Director of Security, and a full 24/7 security team worked in conjunction with healthcare partners, emergency management officials, and local police to successfully complete the project. Frontier Security has provided security at numerous vaccine and Covid testing facilities around the Boston region working in conjunction with healthcare providers at these sites.

Areas of Expertise

– Business Development
– Government Relations
– Cybersecurity
– School Security
– Executive Search

– Tactical Security Operations
– Counterintelligence and Insider Threat
– Emergency Management Planning
– Homeland Security Training / Exercise 
– Event Security

– Active Shooter Training
– Executive Protection

– Social Media Analytics
– Grant Management
– Special Operations Division

Business Development

Frontier Security Strategies works with an array of clients seeking to establish or expand business in the homeland security and emergency preparedness sectors. Our business development solutions support a broad spectrum ranging from technology products to risk assessments and intelligence analysts. Our targeted business development activities currently support companies ranging from Fortune 500 Homeland/Defense companies to small startups. The Frontier Security Strategies team leverages our decades of direct experience with federal, state, and local agencies to maintain a current and accurate understanding of how to match our clients’ capabilities with current and future requirements in the government and private sector space.

Services include:
– Establishing a pipeline of opportunities
– Facilitate/Direct customer meetings
– Strategic partnerships
– Marketing support and product viability
– Proposal development support and capture strategies

Government Relations

Throughout the United States, the Frontier Security Strategies team has a vast and unmatched network of relationships to help your business with Government Relations. We are capable of addressing a multitude of issues related to Federal, State and Local Government agencies. The Frontier Security Strategies team is compromised of top former officials who have held the highest positions at Federal, State and Local agencies and we continue to maintain strong relationships with current leadership at many of these agencies today. To maintain these relationships, Frontier Security Strategies hosts private invitation-only networking events throughout the year in Washington, DC and Boston that regularly include Cabinet Secretaries, Senior Staff, and current members of the Federal, State and Local leadership.


Cyber-attacks continue to grow in frequency and sophistication. Mitigating these costly attacks has become a major national security issue for the federal government and a significant challenge for state and local agencies. Commercial sectors attacks continue to grow as well and business are now beginning to understand the real cost of these invasive intrusions. Frontier Security Strategies team members, along with numerous trusted partners, specialize in cybersecurity assessments and risk mitigation strategies. Our world-class team of experts have conducted assessments for both the government and the private sector clients seeking to identify vulnerabilities and acquire recommendations for corrective action. Frontier Security Strategies partners with cybersecurity thought-leaders as well as a number of companies that have leading edge technologies to provide expert cyber vulnerability evaluations and mitigation strategies.

School Security

When the safety of your academic community is one of your top priorities, and your school’s reputation is one of your most valuable assets, you’ll do whatever it takes to provide a safe environment for your students, faculty, staff, and visitors. High profile incidents such as mass shootings and sexual attacks have put the topic of school security in the public eye today more than ever before. We have created a proprietary school security strategy to work side-by-side with your leadership to tailor our program to best meet your security, safety, and risk mitigation needs and, at the same time, fit your culture.

We partner with you to maintain a safe campus environment by benchmarking current policies, procedures, personnel, physical measures, technology, and training against industry best practice standards in security, safety, emergency preparedness, HR, compliance, and legal. Through coordination and integration for preventative security, risk mitigation, threat assessment, emergency management, and incident response, we enhance the steps necessary to protect students, faculty, staff, and visitors from exposure to harm. And through an independent analysis of your current resources, we provide objectivity and apply a holistic school security strategy by sharing the extensive expertise of our team.

Executive Search

Frontier Security Strategies is known for our large network of relationships focused on Public Safety and the Federal, State and Local Homeland Security spaces. Via this network, our Executive Search offerings can quickly identify the right professional candidates for your company’s specific needs. The Frontier Security Strategies team hosts private invitation-only networking events throughout the year in Washington, DC and Boston that are attended by hundreds of current and past Government officials, including the Secretary of Homeland Security and numerous current heads of many Federal, State and Local Homeland Security and Public Safety agencies, their staff members and executives from top Homeland Security and Defense companies.

Event Security

Based on more than 30 years of experience in major event security on a global stage, our event security template identifies and recommends appropriate countermeasures to lower the various levels of risk. In order to design, create, and implement a successful security plan, we begin with an on-site assessment to evaluate risk in:

– Personnel security (chain-of-command, staffing, posts, and supervision)
– Systems technology (alarms, access control, cameras, monitoring, and command center capabilities)
– Physical security (barriers, fencing, gates, and locks)
– Processes (policies, operational protocols, parking, transportation, VIP protection, and visitor management)
– Emergency preparedness (emergency management, incident response, shelter, and evacuation)
– Liaison with critical third parties and first responders.

Our team offers clients valuable insight acquired through decades of engagements to make their events safe, secure, and compliant by protecting their environments while preserving a positive attendee experience. We’ve created security plans for venues and stadiums at the Olympics and in professional sports such as the Masters, Kentucky Derby, Women’s Soccer World Cup, Indianapolis 500, Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Football League (NFL), and the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Active Shooter Training

In order to create a holistic active shooter training strategy, we construct a comprehensive and enterprise-wide emergency management plan that identifies potential harm and provides access to the necessary resources and input from both internal and external multi-disciplinary experts. Our core methodology follows the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) structure and terminology that reflect the four phases of emergency management:

– Prevention and mitigation
– Preparedness
– Response
– Recovery

We will ensure your mitigation objectives are achieved through prevention-oriented planning, continuous coordination with both public and private sectors, implementation of best practices, and the latest technology to deter, secure, monitor, and mitigate risk. Our tailored plan and customized training curriculum directly address personnel, resources, physical security measures, security technologies, policies and procedures, and critical infrastructure, among other areas, by understanding their respective levels of efficiency and developing strategies that best suit each particular situation.

Executive Protection

Today’s security climate offers an opportune time for a thorough evaluation of the potential threats facing your C-suite by conducting an independent, objective, and comprehensive assessment of your executive protection operations. By focusing on enhancing safety by discreetly upgrading security, safety, and protective security capabilities, our experts, with extensive experience in executive protection in both government as well as Fortune 100 programs, and our proven methodology preserve your culture and the experience of people working in and visiting the corporate workplace by taking special care to avoid disrupting or negatively impacting the environment.

Effective executive protection must focus on safety, security, compliance, emergency preparedness, and incident response—and the technologies needed to coordinate these activities—to protect people, property, brand, and assets. By assessing the advantages and challenges of your programs and how they interact with each other, we can benchmark best practices to ensure that safety, security, and compliance are reflected in all measures, policies, procedures, and operations. And recognizing how the C-suite, enterprise, brand, and employees work together, our executive protection assessment offers a security strategy that supports world-class executive protection and ensures safety for your leadership.

Counterintelligence & Insider Threat

An insider threat is defined as a current or former employee, external contractor, vendor/supply chain provider or other business partner, who may accidentally or intentionally misuse a combination of knowledge and access to an organization’s proprietary and sensitive information, business techniques, business technology or other assets. Insiders may operate alone or in concert with others or may be self-motivated or recruited by a third party to exploit their authorized or privileged access. Regardless, an insider becomes a threat when they either deliberately or unintentionally fail to follow security rules. Most federal government agencies and companies that provide contract support to the US defense industrial base must comply with mandates and policies specifically directed at reducing the threat from insiders. State and local governments and agencies are also beginning to adopt mitigation strategies to minimize risk from insider mistakes or nefarious activities. Lastly, most industries in the US private sector have experienced breaches or compromises at the hands of insiders and are adopting insider threat programs as part of their overall risk management strategies.

The Frontier Security Strategies Team incorporates counterintelligence (CI) principles, along with strong physical security, personnel security and information technology (IT) security awareness so that an organization can more quickly identify and mitigate insider threats. We provide the full-spectrum of consulting support from insider threat risk assessment methodology to designing and implementing insider mitigation policy and protocol from the ground up. For organizations with existing insider programs, we offer value-added capabilities like analysis of open-source threats, social media analysis and web-based awareness training on all information security (InfoSec) topics, Insider Threat and Workplace Violence.

Solutions Include:
– Predictive Threat Detection
– Reduced Breach Impact
– Comprehensive Threat Response & Investigation
– Quantified, non-subjective threat & risk reporting

Emergency Management Planning

Frontier Security Strategies team members have assisted numerous federal, state, and local agencies, as well as private corporations, in developing their emergency operations plans, and homeland security strategies and implementation plans. The actions taken in the initial minutes of an emergency are critical. The first step when developing an emergency response plan is to conduct a risk assessment to identify potential emergency scenarios. An understanding of what can happen will enable you to determine resource requirements and to develop plans and procedures to prepare your business. Our approach, which involves using risk and capability data will help ensure that the client organization is driving towards the right goals and the right objectives. Our extensive experience in assessing a jurisdiction’s capabilities to prepare for, respond to and recover from an event is unmatched.

Homeland Security Training & Exercise Support

Frontier Security Strategies team members represent best-in-class at conducting homeland security training, exercise and evaluation support. Our team members literally developed national exercise policy and doctrine and can support a variety of different activities including full-scale disaster exercises as well as smaller table top exercises for executives in both the public and private sectors. Our team members have designed, developed, coordinated, conducted, facilitated, and evaluated hundreds of tailored exercises across numerous commercial, federal, state, and local agencies, covering a wide range of issues and topics. Our team also has a well-recognized exercise after action reporting and lessons learned documentation capability.

Social Media Analytics

Frontier Security Strategies team members have expertise in identifying and extracting malicious actor indicators and warnings from social media. In particular, our team has analytic expertise in deriving behavioral indicators useful for employee vetting and insider threat mitigation programs. The capability also extends to facility security operations and special event security management where public sentiment and/or threatening rhetoric can be analyzed proactively. We can easily tailor a social media analytic solution that fits the needs of public entities and private sector organizations.

Grant Management

The Department of Homeland Security provides over $1 billion in grant funding to state, territorial, tribal, and local public safety agencies each year. In their efforts to develop homeland security and other grant investment justifications and applications from across a multitude of federal grant programs, Frontier Security Strategies team members have successfully supported urban areas, states, law enforcement, mass transit agencies, and maritime ports. Our team’s work in this area has resulted in the highest or near highest level of funding for several clients nationally in several competitive grant programs. In addition, Frontier Security Strategies has numerous relationships within the FEMA to help assist jurisdictions with understanding grant guidance.

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