The Frontier Security Services team offers specialized security and logistics services to meet today’s challenges. Staffed with former senior members of leadership from the U.S Secret Service, FBI, numerous military organizations, state and local law enforcement, and emergency management agencies, our Special Ops Division connects you to hundreds of security professionals across the country—ready at a moment’s notice to deploy to any assignment, no matter the size.

Backed by decades of professional expertise, training, education, and real world experience, our Special Ops team will work with you and our vast network to get the job done.

Through specialized executive protection, COVID-19 logistics and security, and open source and social media intelligence analysis, among other areas, Frontier Security Services offers solutions for your security and logistics project. We’ll provide whatever your project needs to be successful, including innovative plans, trained personnel, and seamless implementation.

With our Special Ops Division, we’ll pivot immediately to respond to the needs of our clients.

The Frontier team has recruited and vetted a team of certified vaccinators ready to deploy to vaccination sites. As vaccines become more available and COVID-19 vaccine facilities open around the country, our vast network of security and logistics officials will provide the support you need. Our team works closely with site leadership to ensure a first-class operation by establishing overall security and safety standards for the site, following protocols and procedures to verify vaccine candidates, conducting the health screening process for each candidate, and managing the efficient flow of patients entering and exiting these busy sites.

We’ve successfully executed COVID-19 response by supporting a vaccine client, strengthening a COVID-19 detection technology, and running 24/7 operations at a regional coronavirus recovery facility in the Northeast.

If you’re challenged with a vaccine rollout or COVID-19 related process, we’ll help you get it done—delivering a customer friendly experience for each patient, navigating the complexity of every site, and adjusting the process to accommodate every need.

Public Servant Protection Strategy (PS²)
How safe and secure do you feel? If you’re a public servant, the events of January 6 and ongoing incidents of workplace in the news and in your community have made security a top priority. Our PS² customizes your security program to keep you, your staff, and your family safe at home, work, and events, and as your travel. Backed by USSS agents who protected the President and First Lady and high-ranking officials from DHS, the FBI, and other agencies, PS² connects you to the security services you need.

Specifically tailored to your situation, PS² offers advanced technology to detect online threats, a detailed event security template for large events, and a security assessment that ensures physical, technical, procedural and personnel security measures are working together to protect your people, property and assets—plus residential security, district office security, and much more.

We customize your PS² to your needs. And because it’s tailored to you, it can adapt easily to the demands of your schedule and circumstances. Find out how PS² can protect you at all times.

Our recent Special Ops projects demonstrate Frontier versatility for every security need:

COVID-19 Operations
Frontier Security Strategies was hired to run operations at a regional COVID-19 recovery site in Revere, Massachusetts that housed recovering COVID-19 patients in a converted 150-bed hotel. The Frontier Security team of Project Supervisor, Incident Manager, Director of Security, and a full 24/7 security team worked in conjunction with healthcare partners, emergency management officials, and local police to successfully complete the project.

Executive Protection
Frontier Security provided security services to the Annual Alfalfa Dinner after party at Café Milano in Washington, DC. Attendees included members of the President’s Cabinet, Congress, and the Diplomatic Corps along with many high net worth individuals. The Frontier Security team worked with local law enforcement, numerous executive protection details, and the event staff to ensure a safe, secure, and enjoyable evening for everyone in attendance.

Cannabis Security
Frontier Security has developed comprehensive security plans for numerous cannabis facilities in New England that ensure methods for identifying, recording, and reporting diversion, theft, or loss, and correcting errors and inaccuracies in inventories. The Frontier team developed policies and procedures for the secure handling of cash on facility premises through secure storage, collection frequency, and transport to a financial institution. The team also implemented sufficient security measures to deter and prevent unauthorized entrance into areas containing marijuana and theft of marijuana at the facility.

Event Security
Frontier Security assisted security operations at the Inaugural gala of Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker and Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito at the Boston Museum of Science. Tasked with screening guests and providing overall situational security awareness for the event, the Frontier Security Strategies team ensured a safe and secure environment for more than 2,000 VIP guests, staff, and others in attendance.

Whatever security need you’re currently facing, we have a solution. Contact us to get started on your successful project today.